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Shama Song

The White-rumped Shama has one of the most beautiful songs among the birds of Asia's forests.

This recording begins at dawn, in a lowland subtropical forest where several Shamas hold adjacent territories. At first they sing softly, as birds such as Hornbills, Tailorbirds, Whistlers and Flowerpeckers join the dawn chorus. With the sunrise though, they sing forth in effusive and serene countersinging.

The Shama's song will bring joy to your heart.



Track 1: In the Shama's Forest: i. Predawn
Track 2: In the Shama's Forest: ii. Dawn Chorus
Track 3: In the Shama's Forest: iii. Hornbills and Whistler
Track 4: Song of the White-rumped Shama
Track 5: The Mangrove Whistler's Song
Track 6: Shamas sing from Adjacent Territories
Track 7: Mid-morning with Hooded Oriole

Total Playing Time: 65 minutes

Recording Location:
Koh Ngai, Thailand


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